Reliable Tree Removal Services in Fremantle

At Ace’s Tree and Garden Service, we provide our clients with top-level arboreal care and guaranteed respect to all our clients. From general lawn to specialised tree removal, reduction, thinning, and more, we are your source for tree removal in Fremantle.

Tree Removal Services

As arborists, we do everything we can to keep the trees on your property healthy and prosperous. But sometimes, removal becomes necessary and unavoidable.

You may need one or multiple trees removed from your personal or business property for various reasons. Sometimes they can cause damage to the property by growing too large, posing a risk to nearby electric lines or building structures. At other times, they may become damaged by storms and may need to be removed to prevent dangerous falling branches. There are also instances when the entire tree itself becomes infested and rotted to the core. Then, it needs to be taken out before it falls or before it spreads the disease to other nearby trees.

No matter the cause, at Ace Tree and Garden Service, we have the equipment and care necessary to safely remove the tree from your property. Give us a call for tree removal in Fremantle and one of our arborists will come out to consult with you on whether removal is necessary.

Reduction Services

If you are a developer or homeowner with a tree-filled backyard, our reduction tree service may be exactly what you are searching for. Reduction simply cuts down the size of the trees through various pruning and cutting techniques. This technique can lower the risk of possible damage, increase the amount of sunlight on the property, and provide more visibility to the property without removing the tree itself.

We value our work and can reduce any amount of trees on your property whether they be large and aged or just a few small trees. We’ll leave your property with it looking cleaner and sharper than ever before!

Thinning Services

For those of you who are happy with the number and size of trees on the property, but want them to look more lively and fresh, our thinning services are perfect for your needs.

Thinning involves trimming dead or dying branches. At Ace, we check each individual branch and trim no more and no less than needed, leaving your trees looking full and alive.

Are You Looking for Quality Tree Removal Services Near You?

Are you looking for quality tree service near you? We guarantee that our services will be completed with the top level of care. We ensure that each removal project is completed on schedule from the start of the quote all the way to end. Our staff is full of certified arborists who care about your lawn and trees just as much as you do!

In addition to our years of experience, we take pride in our all-encompassing customer service. When we complete your project, we will clean up all of the dirt and mess. We are friendly and personable and will leave your project with a clean-up that you will be beyond happy with.

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Fremantle is a major Australian port city in Western Australia and is located at the mouth of the Swan River. Fremantle Harbour serves as the port of Perth, the state capital. The city has a large arts community, which has been performing in the city since 1963. Fremantle is also home to several beaches: Bathers Beach, River Beach, South Beach and Port Beach. Ace’s Tree and Garden Service has been serving Fremantle residents since starting up and has become a leading provider of tree care and gardening services in the city.


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